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July 24 - Richmond starter Adam Manner gave up eight hits, but only one run in six innings as the Paints got enough on, but not in, in a 7-1 loss to the RiverRats. Read more...

July 23 - Ronnie Dawson extended his lead over the rest of the Prospect League with his ninth home run of the season and the Paints put together enough offense to get past Richmond in the first game of a brief two-game homestand against the RiverRats. Read more...

July 22 - After jumping out to a two-run lead in the top of the first inning, the Paints gave up three runs in the first two innings and five more in the fourth as they dropped the finale of the roadtrip to West Virginia, 8-2. Read more...

July 21 - Batting leadoff once again, Chad Sedio started the game simply enough -- a foul out to the first baseman on the first pitch of the game. Read more...

July 20 - Paints pitching gave up six hits over the first two innings and the Miners capitalized by scoring early and often in a 7-3 win over Chillicothe that shook up the standings in the East Division. Read more...

July 18 - Five hits against three different Ironmen pitchers led to five runs in the eighth inning on a rainy night at VA Memorial Stadium. It was the spark that lit an unlikely comeback for the Paints in a 7-5 victory over Lorain County. Read more...

July 17 - The Paints finished off their four-game swing through the West Division with two wins -- thanks in part to the pitching of Terre Haute starter Andrew Moralez. Read more...

July 16 - The Paints survived nine walks and two hit batsmen -- 11 free batters overall -- on their way to an 8-5 win at Hannibal and a series sweep of the Cavemen. Read more...

July 15 - Joe Hoescheit had three more hits -- giving him five in the past two days -- and Zach Jacobs had three more as Chillicothe shook off its two-game losing streak with an 8-2 win at Hannibal. Read more...

July 14 - Going into Monday night, the Paints had the best overall record in the Prospect League, with just 11 losses all season. Going into Monday night Springfield had the worst record in the Prospect League, with just six wins since things started in May. Read more...

July 13 - West Virginia scored six runs over the first two innings and added on from there, scoring double digit runs against the Paints pitching staff for just the third time this year in an 11-2 loss for Chillicothe. Read more...

July 12 - Ronnie Dawson stayed on pace with the league lead in home runs and the Paints staked their claim to first place in the division with one swing of the bat Saturday. Read more...

July 10 - A five-run fourth inning gave the Paints all they needed, but not all they got, in an 8-2 win over Butler in the team's first home game in nine days. Read more...

July 6 - Lorain County's Jose Flores turned in his second solid outing against Chillicothe this summer, this time limiting the Paints to just four hits and one run over eight innings as the Ironmen knocked off the Paints 3-1 in the final game before the Prospect League's All-Star break. Read more...

July 5 - T.J. Diffenderfer, Joe Hoscheit, Chad Sedio and John McLain each drove in a run as the Paints offense stranded just two runners as the team rolled to its fifth straight win. Read more...

July 3 - Three pitchers making their first appearance on the mound this year combined to hold West Vriginia to a run on just four hits through the first seven innings and the Paints offense scored early and often in a 6-1 win over the Miners. Read more...

July 2 - After a convincing championship in the first half of the season, the Paints didn't look like they were slowing down with the way they started the second. Read more...

July 1 - A bases-loaded bases on balls to Joe Hoscheit gave the Paints a come-from-behind victory, and provided an anti-climactic finish to a late-game rally, in a 5-4 win over Champion City Tuesday. Read more...

June 30 - The Paints got the offense they needed from some early clutch hits, and the bullpen was good enough to preserve a 7-2 victory over the Champion City Kings. Read more...

June 29 - Before Sunday, the Paints hadn't allowed an opponent to score double digit runs in any game this season. On Sunday, they gave up 10 in one inning. Read more...

June 28 - It took 19 hits, three home runs, and the second six-run inning in as many days to do it, but the Paints found a way to win in Richmond. Read more...

June 27 - The Paints offense broke out of its slump in a big way in a 9-4 win on the road against Butler. Read more...

June 26 - The pitching was every bit as good as it has been. The problem was that the offense stayed in the same groove it has been in, too. Read more...

June 25 - The Paints didn't have a lot going on offensively. Good news was, neither did Quincy. Read more...

June 24 - On a day when most of the Prospect League was wiped out by weather, the Paints' offense was almost wiped out by Quincy pitching. Read more...

June 23 - It wasn't a huge night for the offense, but it didn't have to be. Read more...

June 21 - On Friday, the Paints got all the pitching they needed. On Saturday, they couldn't get the hit they needed most. Read more...

June 20 - Travis Lakins' 27-up, 27-down performance against West Virginia made history Friday as the Paints cruised to a 3-0 win over the Miners. Read more...

June 18 - Chillicothe bounced back with three runs of its own in the bottom of the inning to make things interesting, but fell short in a 5-4 loss to the Ironmen at VA Memorial Stadium. Read more...

June 17 - Strange as it seems, the bark of the dog days might have begun even before summer starts. Read more...

June 16 - It took a while, but Chillicothe's offense again did more than enough against the RiverRats. Read more...

June 15 - Any questions left about the offense were probably answered on Sunday. Read more...

June 14 - Chillicothe scored four two-out runs in the fourth inning and four pitchers combined to allow just one earned run in a 7-2 victory over Butler. Read more...

June 13 - Chillicothe's offense put together the hits again, but Butler's did it a little bit better. Read more...

June 12 - Chillicothe put together its biggest offensive output of the season with a couple of big innings in a 9-1 win over the Terre Haute Rex for the team's fourth straight victory. Read more...

June 11 - After  so many games of relying on the pitching, the Paints got a boost from their bats Wednesday. Read more...

June 10 - Chillicothe rattled off two runs each in the fifth and sixth innings to give Jason Byers all the help he needed in a 4-0, lightning-abbreviated won over Lorain County Tuesday. Read more...

June 8 - A day after losing a heartbreaker in which Paints pitching carried a no-hitter into the eighth inning, Chillicothe's offense made sure another strong outing didn't go to waste. Read more...

June 7 - Starting pitcher Lance Elder worked a no-hitter through the first six innings and Mike Fulton carried it for an inning more, but West Virginia finally broke through against the Paints bullpen. Read more...

June 5 - The third and fourth hitters in the Paints lineup combined for four hits, three RBIs and three runs scored in Chillicothe's 7-3 win at Lorain County Thursday. Read more...

June 3 - Jason Byers worked six-plus scoreless innings and Dan Zuchowski drove in two runs as the Paints won their third straight and climbed over the .500 mark with a 3-1 win over Butler Tuesday. Read more...

June 2 - Travis Lakins gave the Paints their strongest start of the season with seven shutout innings and Kurt Hoekstra, Zach Jacobs and Jacob Britt scattered RBIs as Chillicothe climbed back to .500 with a 3-0 win over Butler. Read more...

June 1 - Ronnie Dawson rocketed a 1-1 pitch over the wall with the bases loaded in the fifth inning to give Chillicothe a grand finish to its home series against Richmond. Read more...

May 31 - The Paints left eight runners on base -- five of them in scoring position -- and Richmond made the most of its opportunities in a 4-1 win to spoil Chillicothe's home opener. Read more...

May 30 - Champion City capitalized on some Paints errors to score early and often in the Kings second straight win over the Paints, a 4-3 victory in Springfield, Ohio, Friday. Read more...

May 29 - Champion City scored four runs in the fourth inning as the Kings notched an 8-2 win for their first Prospect League victory at the expense of the Chillicothe Paints Friday. Read more...

May 28 - Starting pitcher Jason Byers gave up just two hits in five innings as the Paints started the season with a 2-1 win. Read more...

2004 Schedule


Prospect League
BUT - Butler
CCK - Champion City
DAN - Danville
HAN - Hannibal
JAM - Jamestown
KMO - Kokomo
QUI - Quincy
RCH - Richmond
SPR - Springfield
TER - Terre Haute
WVA - West Virginia

27 Paints vs WVA 7:05
28 Paints @ RCH 7:05
29 Paints @ RCH 7:05
30 Paints vs BUT 7:05
31 Paints vs BUT 6:05

2 Paints vs CCK 7:05
3 Paints vs CCK 7:05

4 Paints @ BUT 6:35
5 Paints @ BUT 6:35

6 Paints @ WVA 7:05
7 Paints @ WVA 2:05

9 Paints @ RCH 7:05
10 Paints vs RCH 7:05

11 Paints vs CCK 7:05

12 Paints vs CCK 7:05

13 Paints @ BUT 6:35
14 Paints @ BUT 6:35

15 OFF
16 Paints vs DAN 7:05
17 Paints vs DAN 7:05

Paints @ JAM 7:05

19 Paints @ JAM 7:05
Paints vs WVA 7:05
Paints vs WVA 6:05
22 OFF
23 Paints @ JAM
24 Paints @ JAM 7:05
25 Paints vs RCH 7:05
26 Paints vs RCH 7:05
Paints vs JAM 7:05
Paints vs JAM 6:05
29 OFF
30 Paints @ CCK 7:05

1 Paints @ CCK 7:05
2 Paints vs BUT 7:05
3 Paints vs BUT 7:05

4 Paints @ WVA 7:05
Paints @ WVA 2:05
7 All Star @ RCH
8 All Star @ RCH
9 All Star @ RCH
10 Paints vs WVA 7:05
11 Paints @ RCH 7:05
Paints @ RCH 6:05
13 OFF

14 Paints vs RCH
15 Paints vs QUI 7:05

16 Paints @ CCK 7:05
17 Paints @ CCK 7:05
18 Paints vs QUI 7:05
19 Paints vs RCH 6:05
20 OFF

21 Paints vs JAM 7:05
22 Paints @ WVA 7:05
23 Paints @ WVA 7:05

24 Paints vs JAM 7:05
25 Paints @ JAM 7:05

Paints vs WVA 6:05
27 OFF
28 Paints @ BUT 6:35

29 Paints vs BUT 7:05
30 Paints
@ CCK 7:05
31 Paints vs RCH 7:05

1 Paints @ TER 7:05
Paints @ HAN 8:05
3 Paints @ HAN 8:05
4 Paints @ TER 7:05

5 Paints vs CCK 7:05
6 Paints vs JAM 7:05

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